Generic SaaS

A blazing-fast Hello-World-as-a-Service.


Generic SaaS is the product of the century. It allows you to generate Hello Worlds at sub-millisecond speeds.

On our service, 1947 Hello Worlds have been generated.

What even is a Hello World?

Glad you asked! It is a phrase used when learning a new programming language or testing some code. It is normally printed out to the screen or console in learning. Stop having to type it out, instead generate some with our smart technology!

Yo, as a technical guy I gotta ask: how is your server architecture?

We have a datacenter filled with hundreds of servers. These servers work together to process a new Hello World deliver to you. The generated Hello World is sent over to the API via a secure connection. The API itself runs on the Vercel hosting service. The API content is delivered to you.

How do I use it?

Good question! It is very simple, actually. Just go to /api/ and voila, a Hello World!

What do others think of it?

Ah! Here are some testimonials.

"The most pointless thing I have ever used."
"I've seen some bad SaaS ideas in my time, but this is really the worst."
"Who the hell thought this was a good idea?"
"Are the developers behind this crazy? This is stupid, and a waste of resources. I can't believe electricity is being wasted to power this thing."

So, what is your story? Why did you start this? And who are you?

Well, you see, it all started with a dream. I was fascinated with Hello Worlds and seeing how they ran. I did extensive study into the logic behind it and how it works. One day, I had a dream. That Hello Worlds were available to everyone. And I decided to make my dream a reality. I hired some employees, bought a datacenter, and got to work. My name is Generic Name, and this is my story.

What is the pricing?

As of now, there is no pricing yet. However, we plan to add it soon. The first 100 Hello Worlds will be free, and then it's $199,999 per Hello World.

I've decided this whole thing is pointless.

Thanks, but I didn't ask.